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An amazing season lies ahead for the 2019 Confederation Centre of the Arts Festival. "As Music Director I am thrilled with the talent, music and creative teams I have the honor of being involved in." Starting with Mamma Mia!, we do a co-production with the Grand Theatre in London ON before taking it down to PEI. Kronborg-The Hamlet Rock Musical has been part of my soul for two years and it is going to rock you on the Homburg main stage. At the Mack, Tara MacLean's "Atlantic Blue", will  celebrate East Coast songwriters. Of course our loving Anne of Green Gables will be there for you. See our roll out for the 2019 season.

If you are lucky enough to visit Canada's beautiful east coast next summer, come to Prince Edward Island and join us at the Confed Centre or any of the other amazing musical venues this island is famous for.

Thanks all for your support. Should you drop around to stage door, I would love to see you.