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January 2020:Time Flying becomes more of a reality each time we find ourselves beginning yet another year and this one, 2020, seems to drive the point home even more so!

April 2020:In my last update, I made mention I was looking forward to some R&R following Hamlet The Rock Musical run at El Portal L.A. and as MD beginning "Ring of Fire"  & CINDERLLA  for Theatre Aquarius in Hamilton.

What none of us could anticipate was covid-19 taking over our world. I can't express enough thanks to all our front line health workers and other essential service people for their courage each day so that we can stay home and function as safely as possible. Canada has come together to fight this challenge and I am thankful it is my country. 

Thanks everyone for your continued support and all of us together lets practice social distancing and all the other tools we are now familiar with to beat his virus! Be safe and see you at a later date.  Craig