Craig Fair was born on Remembrance Day, November 11,1981 to older brother Shawn and parents Sue and Sandy. Although Rural Route # 4, Wingham was home, Craig made his entry into the world at St. Joseph Hospital in London, Ontario. 

Craig’s excitement for music was clearly visible even at four years of age. His enthusiasm and imagination to be part of the rhythms and melodies was always fun to watch and provided much entertainment. Lucky for Craig his home community had talented teachers in its midst and by five years old, had hooked up with two of these people. Gael Lear  began the building blocks with Craig on the piano. Her patience and expertise made the piano one of Craig’s best friends and a tool that he would use over and over in the years to come. Janice Ballagh/McMichael of the McMichael Sisters, taught Craig how to set em up and put em down when it came to step dancing. Those foundations also would prove invaluable in the years to come. 

Craig was instantly active in his music. He competed regularly at step dancing competitions in southwestern Ontario as solo and with a troupe called "Threes Company". Craig also involved himself at Turnberry Central Public School  in the choir and public speaking. Things really began to heat up though when Craig and his brother Shawn heard Jerry Lee Lewis sing Great Balls of Fire . With Shawn hammering out the keys and Craig singing, a small one number act evolved. The 1989 Teeswater Old Boys and Girls Reunion was coming up soon and needed entertainment for their festivities. With the help of Dad and friends Mike Smith, Al Grant, and Ken Wall, the group "Wild Pitch"  was born. Wild Pitch performed the single number to almost 2000 people in the hot packed arena that night and the seed was planted. Wild Pitch continued to entertain at just about any function, large or small. It was at the Fergus Fall Fair in 1991 that fate would visit Craig. It goes like this. 

Jacques Lemay, the artistic director at this point in time, of the Charlottetown Festival PEI, was looking for a young boy to play a leading role opposite a seasoned veteran by the name of Bill Hosie  in a musical called "The Great Adventure". Lemay had stopped by Guelph to visit a friend of his, by the name of Vaile Henry  who had just happened to be in the audience when Wild Pitch performed at the Fergus Fall Fair several months past at this time. Lemay was explaining that he had not yet found the boy he wanted for his show even after auditioning across the country. Henry advised that she maybe had seen who he might be looking for. Shortly thereafter Craig was contacted and before we knew it, Craig and Sue headed down to PEI’s Charlottetown Confederation Centre Theatre. Here in the midst of professionals, Craig had the time of his life and the opportunity to work and perform all season. His peers took him under their wing and taught him so much. Upon returning to Ontario in the fall of 1992, Craig settled back into school. In 1993 Craig performed in "Gypsy" at The Stratford Festival Theatre and the following Christmas performed in  "A Christmas Carroll" at the Grand in London. 

Those years really set the stage. The next phase of time in Craig’s trip found him finishing public and high school. He worked hard and continuously at his singing, dancing and piano playing. FE Madill High School  in Wingham always had a strong drama department, and when Craig arrived there he was able to become very involved and performed in all of  their  productions. Louanna Alexander, head of the drama department had the students stage such shows as "Guys and Dolls" and "Grease",  and various music theatre reviews. Craig’s enthusiasm for music did not stop inside the school. He was constantly singing at weddings, and performing at local and charity functions. For six years he performed with "Soundsation"  productions and as well acted as President of the organization for a year. During Soundsation years Craig formed the dance group “Rivanova which pleased many audiences. The farm home enjoyed numerous youngsters during the week  for step dance lessons from Craig. During this time he was honored to accept a scholarship at the Kincardine Summer Jazz Week. In his last year of high school, he staged his own show "A Christmas Gift"  at the Heritage Theatre in Wingham. The time at high school passed quickly and as Craig approached graduation he made the decision to pursue his music at college. 

Craig auditioned and was accepted into Sheridans Music Theatre Performance Program in the fall of 2000. Here, Craig found the studying environment that he had only ever imagined. Incredibly talented young people now surrounded him from all across Canada. They all had the same love and passion for singing, dancing and entertaining. The teaching staff, all professionals from the industry, were always pushing and feeding and fine tuning all the talents of the students. Craig was anxious to put some of his new skills and his hard work to use and in the spring of 2001 he staged his own show "Good Times" at the Blyth Festival Theatre.  Three of Craig’s talented friends, Kelly-Anne Evans, Michael Power and Tanya Penny,  shared the stage and the four of them had the house on their feet before the end of the show. Time passes quickly when you are having fun and the first year of college rolled by. Craig was successful in an audition for summer employment of 2001 and found himself performing on Paramount Canada's Wonderland main stage. The show was called "The Graveyard Shift". Wonderland continued until Thanksgiving, making the start of  his  2nd  year at Sheridan very busy in the fall of 2001.

Craig loves to perform and that is what Sheridan is about. Sheridan stages "Catch a Rising Star"  each year and it features the graduating class “Nightclubs” as well as some of the outstanding dance critiques of the second year students. Craig’s hard work paid off and his critique made it into the show in early 2002. Following Catch a Rising Star, Craig auditioned for the Charlottetown Festival.  He was absolutely thrilled to find out he would be returning there for this season 10 years after it started there. Craig returned to Sheridan for his last year after Charlottetown and at graduation was the recipient of the Triple Threat Award.  This seems to be an appropriate place to end this story.  From here on we will be in the present so please visit the to stay in touch.